NowVertical:  AI and ML Experts Guiding Your Success. Trust us to navigate the complexity of AI preparation, ensuring immediate and sustained excellence. From data assessment to strategy development, implementation, and migration, our talented team guarantees a strong foundation for your initiatives. Empower your teams with our training and knowledge transfer sessions for long-term success.

Our Approach

Build a robust foundation for your AI and ML initiatives

NowVertical’s AI and ML accelerator programs offer end-to-end solutions, helping organizations deploy AI technology, navigate data complexities, and provide continuous training and support for long-term success.

AI Readiness Assessment:

  • We compile and catalog all data sources, providing a 360-degree view of your data estate. 
  • Data quality is elevated to pristine levels through advanced techniques. 
  • Your IT infrastructure is optimized for AI and ML workloads, whether on the cloud or on-premises. 

Generative AI for Enterprise:

  • Harness generative AI to innovate your offerings and deliver personalized experiences to your customers.
  • Provides dynamic reports, creative content generation, and predictive insights without data migration.
  • We streamline operations and task automation, optimizing your processes, saving valuable time, and enhancing productivity and ROI.

Data Governance and Compliance:

  • Ensure the utmost protection for your data with our Data Governance and Compliance solution
  • We prioritize data security and compliance, tailoring measures to your industry and regulations. 
  • Data migration is executed smoothly, maintaining data integrity
    and security. 

Data Literacy

  • Tailored data literacy training programs addressing specific enterprise needs and roles, focusing on practical skills.

  • Cultivating a data-driven culture through awareness campaigns and workshops.

  • Establish clear metrics and KPIs to measure the effectiveness of training initiatives.


Phase 1
Discovery and Assessment:

  • Data inventory and analysis form the bedrock of our strategy.
  • Infrastructure evaluation identifies optimization needs and security gaps.

Phase 2
Strategy Development:

  • A bespoke data strategy is crafted, outlining data preparation and infrastructure enhancement plans.

Phase 3
Implementation and Migration:

  • Data compilation, cataloging, and quality enhancement are meticulously executed.
  • Infrastructure optimization aligns with your AI and ML goals.

Phase 4
Knowledge Transfer and Training:

  • We empower your teams for long-term success with training and knowledge transfer sessions.

Phase 5
Ongoing Support and Optomisation

  • A bespoke data strategy is crafted, outlining data preparation and infrastructure enhancement plans.

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Dive Deeper - Navigating the Complexity of AI Preparation

Enterprises and government agencies are standing at the forefront of an AI and ML revolution, poised to unlock unmatched insights and drive innovation. However, navigating this transformative journey presents intricate challenges, particularly during the “Prep” phase. It is during this crucial stage that compiling, cataloging, structuring, enhancing data quality, ensuring security, and complying with regulations become paramount. Fortunately, NowVertical Group is here to provide our expertise and support. We specialize in tailoring custom solutions that harness the dynamic power of AI. Let us help you leverage the potential of this remarkable technology.

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What We Do Starts With Knowing What You Do

NOW Solutions takes the guesswork out of making essential business strategies and investment decisions regarding the future direction of your marketing processes. Why would you make gut decisions on the most crucial aspects of your business model?

Data Capture

Technology information specialists will capture all of your relevant business and consumer data. We will then collect or append additional data as required.

Process and Normalize

Utilize sophisticated normalization and standardization algorithms to process and cleanse the data for analytics and modeling.

Analytics and Insights

Execute detailed analytics to build a new understanding of consumers and businesses to create insights and identify new opportunities.

AI Strategy and Solutions

Develop marketing strategy and business solutions based on the insights generated.

No two problems are ever the same. That’s why NOW Solutions has built a team consisting of real experts with experience in your industry.

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