Information Security — Uncover Risk and Secure Your Most Sensitive Data

Find your organization’s non-compliant, sensitive and valuable data. Secure corporate sensitive information and reduce your risk of a data breach.

Identify and safeguard your risky data. Protect yourself from a breach.


ROI using NOW Privacy to cleanse data


Improved security posture using NOW Privacy


ROI from laser precision discovery and remediation

NowVertical + Arrow Global

Discover how we helped Arrow Global, a large banking firm, to gain total visibility over a data estate exceeding 160TB due to the launch of GDPR regulations across the EU.

Gain Ultimate Visibility Of Your Data Estate In A Single Location

Safeguard corporate sensitive data by ensuring information is correctly classified and stored in appropriate data sets. Drill into the graphs to explore standard and enriched metadata, such as file size, file age, and spoken topics. Or click through right into the detail of the content in the document itself so you know with certainty what to secure or delete.

Locate The High-Risk And Sensitive Data Hidden Across Your Estate

Search for unsecured toxic and risky unstructured data, such as encryption keys. Identify risk quickly using pre-built search and use document previews and metadata summaries to quickly review the data in a file. Use the Similar Files feature to identify related or duplicated documents that need to be secured or removed.

Safeguard Your Organization's Most Sensitive Data At Scale

Create your own unique search from scratch to find highly specific information within your estate. Tag items requiring remediation and protect your organization from financial and reputational damage in the event of a breach.

Maintain A Strong Security Posture Across Your Data Estate

Run regular, automated searches of your data, identify where sensitive information is being left lying around unprotected and avoid internal or external data breaches.

No two problems are ever the same. That’s why NOW Solutions has built a team consisting of real experts with experience in your industry.

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