Commercial Services

Delivering Regulatory Compliance and Data-Driven Confidence

Securing the Pieces that Matter Most

Markets, customers, and regulators all have unique but critical needs. Protect your baseline while growing your top-line by automating and unlocking the power of your organizational data.


Revolutionizing enterprise-level data visibility and scale with platform-agnostic solutions, built and accessed easily by the staff you already have.

Data Governance

Tracking data access, security and governance as it travels across teams, holdings, and organizations to guarantee a more secure infrastructure.


Systematizing functions and augmenting processes with AI and ML models to reduce time to task and increase team efficiencies.

Proven Experience

Implementing industry-specific data and AI/ML solutions for financial institutions around the globe.

An Intelligent Approach to Risk Mitigation and Compliance

Regulatory compliance doesn’t need to be tedious. NOW Privacy allows you to catalog, manage, tag, and scan the entirety of your unstructured data. Track data access and reduce risk along the way by identifying high volume and high priority data sets and locations with machine-enabled processes built directly into the platform. Easily access all the information you need to build your governance and risk management strategy.

Anticipate the changing regulatory landscape. Upskill your staff and free up capacity through built-in ML processes to quickly gain control over the entirety of your dataset.

Conduct Forensic and Investigative Efforts with Confidence

Fraud prevention requires an in-depth view of your customer and landscape. Lower your costs and improve false positive rates by working across the entirety of your enterprise data. Structured or unstructured, internal or external. NOW Fusion allows you to ingest all of your data – meaning you have a full picture of the customer and the threat, and a better opportunity to offset disaster.

NOW products are built platform-agnostic. This means that our software can work across your current tech stack and staff, allowing you to increase the output of the processes you already know and minimizing onboarding. It also means that you can stay fully flexible in the face of new threats and a shifting risk environment.

Integrate, Access, and Share Enterprise Data at Scale

Fuse, enrich, and safely share all your data. Ingest data of all kinds – regardless of structure – using NOW Fusion. Provide access to analysts across the enterprise and conduct in-depth analysis in NOW DataBench. Leverage analytic capabilities that run the gamut from geospatial to statistical to time series to categorical – all in a single location.

Have confidence in your data’s safety. Restrict and track access to sensitive data with NOW Privacy. Control and monitor access and authorization across the entirety of your users. Audit and analyze access, protect PII, and do it all across teams, geographies, and languages.

Partner without sacrificing privacy. Share customer data and insights while mitigating risk of exposure. Affinio Snowflake’s multi-party applications run natively inside Snowflake’s Data Warehouse, requiring no data movement. Share applications instead of actual data, meaning you can partner with other organizations while remaining confident in your data’s safety and integrity. Customer profiling, propensity modeling, segment overlap, and more – all done with the confidence that your data is perfectly safe along the way.

No two problems are ever the same. That’s why NOW Solutions has built a team consisting of real experts with experience in your industry.

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