NowVertical Group

The Vertical Intelligence Company

The NOW Advantage: Winning Through Data

NowVertical Group empowers bold decision-making by advancing your automation journey

Data technologies that amplify and secure existing investments.

Better access and use of data holdings through higher-confidence queries.

Tailored training to ensure your team is current on cutting-edge concepts.

Consulting designed to leverage critical data with real-world implications.

Management Team

Sasha Grujicic
Chief Executive Officer

Andre Garber
Chief Development Officer

Jennifer Carmen
Chief People Officer

Alim Virani
Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors

Elaine Kunda
Board Chair

Darell MacMullin

Scott Nirenberski

Sasha Grujicic

Andre Garber

No two problems are ever the same. That’s why NOW Solutions has built a team consisting of real experts with experience in your industry.

Case Studies

 VI Insights

Partner Programs

Enabling AI for Industry & Government through Vertical Intelligence (VI)


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