Data Engineering, Operations & Visualization

By leveraging an impressive VI solutions set, we ensure accurate data collection, real-time access, and intuitive visualizations, enabling agile decision-making and driving competitive advantages for our customers.

Data Analytics Architecture

Our Data Analytics Architecture empowers Fortune 500 companies to harness valuable insights from their data, make informed decisions quickly, and gain a competitive edge through optimized data storage, integration, and processing.

Our expert team collaborates closely with each client to design and implement tailored data analytics solutions that align with their specific business objectives. By optimizing data storage, integration, and processing, we ensure that our customers can access the right data at the right time, enabling them to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently to unlock valuable insights from vast amounts of information.

Working With NOW Solutions - Our Data Migration Process

Legacy Data Systems Review

Upgrade antiquated technology systems to provide your business operations with greater efficiency and cost reduction without disrupting workflows or processes.

Value Assessment

Perform a thorough application assessment, carefully analyzing your legacy code and architecture to chart a modernization strategy that best fits your business needs.

Agnostic Tools

We detox your existing code and redesign your systems to boost functionality, scalability, and performance without affecting your business logic—we are engineering-agnostic.


We leverage on-premise data migration tools, such as SQL, Oracle, and Teradata, to effectively migrate your data, schema, and objects from multiple data sources to the Cloud, at scale. (additional tools: GCP, AWS, Azure, Snowflake).


Migrate necessary applications and data from your existing on-site systems to Cloud-based service models without downtime or data loss.

Data Lake Design & Implementation

As a leading Data Lake Design & Implementation services provider, we offer customers a cutting-edge solution to manage their vast and diverse data assets effectively. By designing and implementing robust data lakes, our customers can centralize, organize, and securely store all their data in one unified platform. This streamlined data architecture facilitates quick and seamless data access, empowering our clients to make data-driven decisions faster and more accurately.

Cloud Data Migration

As a provider of Cloud Data Migration services, we offer a seamless and efficient transition of their valuable data to the cloud. Our expert team ensures a smooth migration process, enabling our customers to leverage the benefits of cloud computing. By moving their data to the cloud, our clients experience enhanced scalability, flexibility, and accessibility, allowing them to adapt to changing business needs with ease.

Data Visualization

We offer a transformative solution that empowers our clients to unlock the true value of their data. Through our cutting-edge visualization tools and techniques, we convert complex data sets into clear and compelling visual representations. This enables our customers to gain deep insights and easily make data-driven decisions.

Our Data Visualization services facilitate seamless data exploration, allowing our clients to identify trends, patterns, and correlations that might otherwise remain hidden in raw data. This newfound clarity empowers teams across the organization to collaborate effectively, facilitating a shared understanding of critical information. From executives to analysts, our intuitive visualizations break down complex concepts, promoting more informed discussions and faster problem-solving.

Customer Retention Modeling Increases Revenue by $2M

A national retailer was struggling with the consistent engagement of its clients and ongoing Customer Retention. The technology and marketing specialists at NOW Solutions created predictive retention models for key customer segments, predicting the likelihood of renewal in the program.

No two problems are ever the same. That’s why NOW Solutions has built a team consisting of real experts with experience in your industry.

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