NOW SnowGraph

Unlock the potential of your data like never before with NOW SnowGraph, a cutting-edge solution designed exclusively for Snowflake. 

Unleash the Power of Native Snowflake Innovation

Seamlessly forge robust connections and embark on a journey of profound discovery through our one-to-many graph analytics framework.

Unearth the Infinite Possibilities:

Delve into the depths of massive datasets with unparalleled speed and efficiency. NOW SnowGraph empowers you to decipher intricate connections and relationships, unveiling insights that were once hidden amidst the complexity.

Transform Data into Insights:

Our  technology takes the lead in identifying affinity-based audiences, sculpting data-driven personas, and crafting scalable “lookalike” audiences primed for activation. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to automated precision, as NOW SnowGraph seamlessly converts data into actionable insights that propel your business forward.

Illuminate the Unseen:

Uncover the enigmatic patterns concealed within your data with automated finesse. NOW SnowGraph pioneers the art of identifying non-obvious patterns, equipping your data to predict customer behaviors with unparalleled accuracy.

Secure Collaboration, Limitless Potential:

Share and analyze your first-party data across departments without compromising on privacy. NOW SnowGraph’s graph analytics empower seamless cross-department collaboration while ensuring the protection of sensitive information.

Instant Answers, Immeasurable Value:

Bid farewell to lengthy wait times and usher in a new era of rapid insights. With NOW SnowGraph, answers are at your fingertips within seconds, revolutionizing the way you extract value from your data.

Powered by SnowFlake

With Snowflake’s creation of Native Apps, organizations can now combine data + analytics all inside the data warehouse.

Native Apps are algorithms (powered by secure user defined functions) that run inside the data warehouse, without the need to move, copy, extract or expose raw data.

They enable Snowflake partners, like NOW SnowGraph, to create custom analytical solutions that can be deployed into a customer’s Snowflake account and executed on the customer’s private data without ever being exposed to the raw / private data.

The Power of Graph Analytics

Stanard relational databases use standard SQL queries to extract insights of counts and trends from limited data in the database. This form of analytics does not examine the relationships between data points.​

Graph analytics examines the connections across entire massive datasets, to unlock hidden insights buried in the data that SQL queries simply cannot.

This means getting answers to complex problems faster.

Machine Learning Worklfows

SnowGraph has five automated machine learning workflows that can be used by data and analytics teams to instantly surface insights aginst their first and third party data in Snowflake.

Customer Profiling

Generate rich, data-driven personas for understanding audience behaviors.

Profile your most valuable customers, identifying the attributes that make that segment unique to the rest of the customer base.
Unlock customer analytics and insights across all data in the warehouse.
Automatically discover over-indexing affinities and behaviors to develop data-driven personas for personalization and targeting.

Propensity Modeling

Leverage propensity scores for high-performing marketing campaigns.

This app prepares your data to make scoring predictions around the likelihood that customers will exhibit some target behavior.
Identify who among your audience is most likely to actually click an ad, make a purchase, accept an offer, sign up for a service, or stay loyal.
Even use it to predict unwanted behaviors — like churn — so you can minimize impact.

Segment Overlap

Assess desired media channels for campaigns or data enrichment opportunities.

Identify segment overlaps between your customer data and multiple other strategic publishers and enrichment partners, simultaneously in one view (without ANY party exposing private data or PII).
Brand marketers can use this app to prioritize those prospective partners with the highest synergy among their existing or target customer base.
Publishers can assess overlap between an advertiser’s first-party data and their own viewers/readers/listeners for ad sales pitches and activation placement without needing to be exposed to the advertisers.


Nurture and leverage your first-party data seeds in a whole new light.

Automatically create scalable custom audiences based on first-party data “seeds” within strategic publishers’ / enrichment partners’ Snowflake environments.
Leverage this app to find and acquire new customers based on your data while safely keeping the definition of this originating segment “blind” to the publishers.
Publishers and Data Providers can use this app to enable lead generation for their core offerings or for enabling automated ‘custom’ extended audiences as a premium offering.

Audience Clustering

Allows you to bust the myths or biases about your customers.

Cluster your customers or prospects in seconds based on any or all desired attributes available in your owned data – whether it’s behaviors, interests, profiles, transactions, or other.
Know which types of personas to focus on, and help guide your strategy to better engage customers, or uncover a new segment of customers you didn’t realize existed.

Unlock customer insights using data-driven “unsupervised” patterns that foster personalization for inspiring messaging that will resonate.

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