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Executive Summary

NowVertical partnered with YPF, a prominent Energy, Oil & Gas company in Latin America, to cultivate a data-driven culture. Tailored solutions encompassing data strategy, analytics, and training were implemented to consolidate KPIs, enable predictive maintenance, and enhance decision-making. YPF realized improved efficiency, reduced costs, and increased confidence in data-driven choices. Enabled by NowVertical’s solutions, YPF is now well situated for the implementation AI initiatives that may include predictive maintenance, customer insights, analytics, financial risk management, supply chain optimization, and energy trading.

Business needs

YPF, a prominent Energy, Oil & Gas enterprise, recognized the imperative of data-driven practices to maintain its leadership in the industry. YPF sought solutions to unify its data ecosystem, fortify data governance, and implement analytics capabilities. It aimed to leverage these advancements to enable future artificial intelligence across its operations. Partnering with NowVertical, YPF embarked on a transformative journey to enhance decision-making, optimize processes, and harness AI technologies.

Business results after AI implementation:

  • Informed Decision-Making: Centralized strategic KPIs empowered data-driven decisions across departments.
  • Efficiency Gains: Streamlined reporting processes led to enhanced efficiency and responsiveness.
  • Predictive Maintenance Impact: Optimized equipment maintenance minimized downtime and reduced maintenance costs.

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