Protecting your Assets with Insights at Scale

The energy sector remains an industry under attack. Prices and costs fluctuate on a moment’s notice. Public opinion is perpetually polarized. And safety is a constant concern. A full command of your data is the only way to find success.


Saving money. Saving lives. All while maximizing productivity and output through the application of proven methodologies and machine learning.


Incorporating all your data in a single location. No limitations on type, size, or structure, so your team can make bold, informed decisions.


Keeping your teams informed so they can stay ahead of security concerns, safety issues, and potential malfunctions.

Optimizing Your Process, Every Step of the Way

Increase productivity across the board. Minimize operational costs and identify automation efficiencies for everything from drilling processes to pipeline flow. Integrate, fuse, and enrich data across the full breadth of your organization using NOW Fusion. Directly hook your full dataset in NOW DataBench, leveraging statistical analysis to identify interrupted and uninterrupted connections and determine the root cause. Save time, money, and energy while increasing output and revenues in a wholly safe and compliant way.

Upskill your workforce. Leverage DataBench’s industry-specific analytic notebooks to quickly and easily collaborate across teams and guarantee methodological integrity.

Protecting Infrastructure and Investments

Identify the human and environmental threats to your operation. NOW Solutions provides the security training, consulting, and problem-solving to help mitigate concerns as your assets come under threat.

Pre-empt system failures and potential catastrophe. Leverage decades of experience in cutting-edge, industry-specific ML algorithms and methodologies to conduct ILI analysis and failure simulations, increasing predictive accuracy and saving potentially millions of dollars down the line.

Stay ahead of compliance requirements. The NOW Solutions team has deep experience with Federal infrastructure audit and compliance to guarantee you meet all necessary requirements and avoid issues even as the regulatory landscape continues to shift and grow.

No two problems are ever the same. That’s why NOW Solutions has built a team consisting of real experts with experience in your industry.

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