How Vertical Intelligence Positively Impacts Financial Services, CPG, Retail, and Manufacturing Industries

January 26, 2023

Vertical Intelligence is making a difference that counts wherever data presents  complexities that threaten to place a barrier between the need for immediacy, and its realization. It enables organizations to get to the truth faster than may otherwise be the case with approaches such as AI.

In almost all the organizations we work with at NowVertical, a recurring theme highlights a common and compelling fact; the single source of truth they seek in their data can be far more easily revealed by optimizing how the existing tech stack is calibrated and integrated.

To say that that is “all it takes” would be to undermine the innovation involved in the Vertical Intelligence approach. It is more a case of flavoring the innovation with a touch of renovation (reconfiguring your data architecture)  to optimize assets that have already been invested in–unlocking the potential from within–while also reinvigorating the confidence your teams have in their own capabilities.

Accelerate the Automation Journey

Here are four examples, in four different sectors, of organizations discovering how Vertical Intelligence accelerates the automation journey by transforming data from the inside out.

In each instance, they have benefitted from the cost advantage of avoiding investment in grand, and often generic, AI solutions, and the speed-to-market afforded by looking for a solution specific to their sector…

Data Visualization in Financial Services | Assist Card

AssistCard were aware that they had the data in their systems to drive deeper and more effective customer relationships. But there was a sticking point. It was taking too much time for the organization’s Digital Marketing department to search, interpret and leverage the data with complete confidence that all that needed to be known about customer interactions were known.

AssistCard wanted to increase visibility by implementing a customer-centric data lake to harness structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

Our solution, NOW Privacy, explored the existing data architecture to create an effective approach to open up intelligent data access at scale, without having to rip and replace existing systems. The answer was to unify them. The Cloud integrations we developed have  enabled the team to now see and exploit opportunities with far greater ease than ever before through:

  • BI + Analytics Cell
  • Single-client model
  • Custom cross-functional dashboards, integrating information from Google Analytics

With information now integrated across both transactional and non-transactional sources, AssistCard’s teams have gained more significant insights from their data. They can now optimize internal working times and insights-driven decision-making by accessing new data sources.

Data Democratization and BI | Nike

The Data Analytics team at Nike’s LATAM location also found they were spending far too much time on data management, at the expense of the time they wanted to invest in analyzing the data. They knew they were missing out on cross-selling opportunities.

As a globally iconic brand, Nike’s success depends on its continued relevance to consumers’ lifestyles. To ensure this relevance, it is critical to anticipate changing consumer preferences and–even more critical–to respond to them quickly. Standing in the way of this agility was the time it took to generate reports after analyzing the data.

Our team, NOW Solutions, addressed this time-consuming part of the organization’s Go-To-Market capabilities by developing Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes for the different insight reports required from the data.

By automating those operational tasks that had been so diverting and frustrating for the team, we have enabled Nike LATAM’s data analysts and data engineering specialists to do what specialists do best–add value to the business.

By democratizing regional data access, we’ve enabled the right people to self-manage information at the right time.

Information Governance and Compliance | WHSmith

When the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) were approaching implementation (in 2018), organizations were under considerable pressure to overhaul their data governance practices. This pressure continues to evolve.

WHSmith is one of the UK’s leading retail groups, operating 1,600 stores. The organization wanted to move swiftly, not only to ensure compliance but also to maintain its reputation for responsible handling of data and data privacy; not least in its fast response to Subject Access Requests (SARs).

NOW Privacy gave WHSmith control over its data essential to know all it needs to know about its data at any and every given time. We enabled the organization to target, discover and report on all unstructured data. Our solution provides a data map and produces reports on last accessed dates, creation dates, file ownership, and access control.

Optimizing a Single Data Source | FIAT Chrysler Argentina (FCA)

As part of its Sustainability Program, FCA needed to develop two interrelated models–Lead Time and Patenting–for providing key indicators in the production

line. This was for monitoring and improving the manufacturing cycle, achieving lead time objectives, and increasing the percentage of patenting carried out by each associated dealer, thereby reducing inventory costs.

NOW Solutions designed a data mart and the necessary ETL processes to integrate the information from different sources. We also designed and developed a dashboard in Microstrategy to present the information on the closed day of the relationship between requested vehicles and patented vehicles, for each dealer, as well as the monitoring of the different stages of the production cycle.

FCA can now determine with greater accuracy how many vehicles to produce, and when. This means they can optimize the fulfillment of agreements with their dealers and reduce the cost of inventory.

Business-Altering Outcomes

From hyper-charging the Customer Experience to making data more accessible and intelligible, strengthening regulatory compliance, to improving production lead times, Vertical Intelligence ensures business goals are rapidly achieved.

Tailor-made for your industry and use case, Vertical Intelligence expedites your organization’s automation journey with minimal timelines from problem to solution and from identified opportunities to proven returns.

Data Preparation (ETL/ELT)

Supercharging your data to create data models for reporting and advanced analytics requires expert processing, transformation, and loading of data into the required models—we’ve guided many large enterprises to do just that—all while getting rid of unnecessary data which reduces storage costs.

Data Model Development

Bring your core business vision to life by simplifying your software systems and the data elements it contains. We can craft data models that provide you with a blueprint for designing a new database or reengineering your legacy applications. Our goal is to amplify your decision-making process and bring your business more significant ROI.

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