NOW Secures Multiple New Pharmaceuticals Contracts in its Consumer Goods Vertical

November 21, 2023
NowVertical  (TSXV: NOW) (OTCQB: NOWVF)  is pleased to announce several new contract wins within its Consumer Goods vertical. These new wins add to NOW’s already established client roster within the pharmaceutical industry with customers that include companies like Haleon (formerly GSK) in the UK and Bayer in Brazil.

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited: NOW’s team has initiated Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Engineering services for Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, the largest Japanese multinational pharmaceutical company. This collaboration aims to enhance Takeda’s data analytics capabilities, supporting vital research and development initiatives and aiding strategic decision-making processes. By implementing advanced data engineering techniques, NOW enables Takeda to unlock deeper insights from its data, facilitating innovation and strategic growth initiatives leading to AI deployments.

Novo Nordisk (LATAM): NOW is building a cutting-edge data lake house for Novo Nordisk, a leading Danish multinational pharmaceutical company. This initiative is part of Novo Nordisk’s global data integration strategy, enhancing collaboration and data accessibility. By streamlining data management, NOW will enable Novo Nordisk to accelerate research and development efforts, driving innovations in the pharmaceutical sector.

“These collaborations underline our commitment to providing strong support and setting the stage for future AI implementations. We’re focused on helping our clients build a foundation for innovation and growth in their industries,” said Sasha Grujicic, CEO of NowVertical. “We are excited to work closely with our clients, leveraging our expertise to drive meaningful outcomes and shape the future of their industries.”

These partnerships underscore NOW’s dedication to providing tailored solutions that address the unique challenges faced by its clients. By combining cutting-edge technology with industry expertise, NOW empowers organizations to transform their data into a strategic asset, laying the foundation for future implementation of AI technologies. Learn more about NowVertical at: 

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