NowVertical Group Announces 12 New Contract Wins Across All Four Verticals in Key UAE Geography

TORONTO, Ontario – December 5, 2023/Globe Newswire/ – NowVertical Group Inc. (TSX-V: NOW) (OTCQB: NOWVF), a Vertical Intelligence (VI) software and services provider that delivers vertically-specific data, technology, and artificial intelligence (AI) applications into private and public verticals globally, is excited to announce significant contract expansions and operations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Driven primarily by the NowVertical subsidiary Smartlytics DMCC (collectively, “NowVertical”), the strategic move establishes NowVertical’s footprint in an important geography, showcasing clients’ success stories who have leveraged NOW’s solutions.

“Our expansion in the UAE underscores the region’s strategic importance in fostering innovation and excellence,” said Mostafa Hashem, Senior Vice President at Smartlytics, a NowVertical Group Company. “We are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses across various sectors to make data and AI-enabled decisions to achieve unparalleled success in their respective industries.”

Transforming Skincare, Ensuring Pharmaceutical Excellence, and Gaining Competitive Advantages

In the Consumer Goods Vertical, NowVertical has made significant strides, partnering with global leaders to address industry challenges. NAOS, a global leader in skincare, collaborated with NowVertical to enhance data-driven decision-making through its SMART Hub platform. NAOS experienced substantial product strategy and financial performance improvements, solidifying its position in the competitive skincare market. A. Menarini, a pharmaceutical giant, worked with NowVertical to ensure data consistency, which is crucial in the pharmaceutical sector, enhancing decision-making processes and overall data integrity. Arvis Company, seeking market insights and competitor strategies, leveraged NowVertical for comprehensive analysis, gaining a competitive edge in their industry.

Streamlining Financial Data, Seamless Analytics Transition, and Elevating Education

In the Professional Services Vertical, NowVertical provides innovative solutions for industry leaders. Sodexo, an international services leader, collaborated with NowVertical to streamline financial data, improve strategic decisions and cost-saving opportunities, and optimize operational efficiency. Now Health, a renowned health insurance provider, turned to NowVertical for a seamless transition to GA4 for optimal analytics, supporting high data analysis and customer service standards. Sharjah Education Academy leveraged NowVertical’s SMART Hub solution to achieve advanced Business Intelligence and Data Analytics and enhance decision-making processes.

Empowering Financial Analysis, Driving Growth Through Digital Analytics, and Optimizing Online Marketing

In the Financial Services Vertical, NowVertical’s solutions empower leading institutions. Zurich Insurance Group partnered with NowVertical to transition its financial data to Power BI, significantly enhancing data analysis capabilities and streamlining its financial reporting process. Multibank Group, facing challenges in digital analytics, collaborated with NowVertical for a customized solution, driving business growth and improving customer satisfaction. ADSS, a prominent financial services organization, optimized online marketing with precision data, collaborating with NowVertical to refine data tracking and conversion setups, improving marketing effectiveness and overall business performance.

Enhancing Offshore Drilling and Revolutionizing District Cooling

In the Industrials Vertical, NowVertical’s collaboration with key players has resulted in operational excellence. Shelf Drilling, an international offshore drilling company, partnered with NowVertical for comprehensive data analysis and migration services, enhancing offshore drilling through improved data management and process efficiencies. Emicool, a key player in the UAE’s district cooling industry, partnered with NowVertical to improve data governance and quality, reinforcing its industry-leading position in sustainable and technologically advanced cooling solutions.

Transforming Healthcare Insights

In the Government Vertical, NowVertical facilitates transformative solutions for healthcare consultancy. Working with a government department in Abu Dhabi, Clarity partnered with NowVertical for comprehensive data development and visualization within the healthcare sector, transforming data handling and providing vital insights for quicker and more effective decision-making processes.

NowVertical’s commitment to providing Vertical Intelligence solutions across diverse industries solidifies its Data and AI preparation services leader position. Expanding into key UAE geographies through its NowVertical business unit reflects its dedication to global growth and client success.

About NowVertical Group Inc.:

NowVertical Group is a Vertical Intelligence (VI) software and services provider that delivers vertically-specific data, technology, and artificial intelligence (AI) applications into private and public verticals globally. NOW’s proprietary solutions sit at the foundation of the modern enterprise by transforming AI investments into VI, enabling its customers to minimize their risk, accelerate the time to value, and reduce costs. NOW is rapidly growing organically and through targeted acquisitions. For more information about NOW, visit


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