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Executive Summary

In partnership with NowVertical, Nike successfully transformed its data management landscape, implementing a Self-Service BI solution to meet dynamic reporting needs. By automating operational tasks, developing robust ETL processes, and embracing agile practices, Nike achieved significant operational efficiencies, cost optimization, and greater data control. This shift liberated its data analytics team to focus on in-depth analysis, fostering innovation and informed decision-making. Nike’s journey underscores the transformative potential of modern data management, propelling the company into a new era of data-driven excellence.

Business needs

Nike’s business needs revolved around the efficient management and utilization of their extensive data resources. They required a solution that could automate operational tasks and provide timely, customizable reports to meet the diverse reporting needs across the organization. Nike sought to streamline data processes, reduce manual efforts, ensure data accuracy, and empower their teams to focus on valuable data analysis. The primary goal was to enhance data governance and establish a scalable Self-Service BI system to support informed decision-making.

Business results after AI implementation:

  • Operational Efficiency: Automation of operational tasks freed up over 160 hours per month on average from Nike’s internal support team, allowing them to focus on higher-value activities.
  • Cost Optimization: By intelligently managing BI licenses based on actual usage, Nike reduced annual costs by 20%, ensuring a better distribution of resources.
  • Data Control: Nike gained greater control over data consumption, breaking down information silos and ensuring data was always available through various analytical models.

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