UK-based publishing comp – Using AI to Increase Subscriber Engagement

Record Subscriber Growth (K)

Increased First Yr. Retention By %

Increased Subscription Revenue %

Operating Profits Increased By %

Executive Summary

NowVertical partnered with a global UK-based publishing company (”the Customer’) to accelerate their data and AI adoption, focusing on enhancingsubscriber engagement. By implementing a modern data platform, advanced analytics, and AI solutions, the Customer experienced record subscriber growth, increased subscription revenue, improved retention rates, and higher operating profits.

Business needs

The Customer needed to enhance subscriber engagement, build trust in data platforms, drive innovation, adopt modern technologies, improve operational efficiency, achieve revenue growth and profitability, and develop internal data capabilities.

Business results after AI implementation:

  • Record subscriber growth of over 100,000 new subscribers

  • Growth in subscription revenue by 9% or higher

  • Increased first-year retention by 27%

  • Boost in operating profits by 41%

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