Vista Energy- Enhancing Logistics Efficiency With AI

AI-Enabled Drilling Logistics

Cost optimizations
Improved efficiency
Enhance AI decision making

Executive Summary

In this case study, Vista Oil & Gas, a Latin American oil company, sought to optimize sand logistics and transportation through real-time monitoring and predictive analytics. Facing flaws in their initial application, Vista partnered with NowVertical, an expert in data analytics and cloud solutions. The collaboration resulted in enhanced predictive models, streamlined application architecture on Google Cloud, efficient real-time data ingestion, low-latency systems, and advanced algorithms for future behavior prediction. These improvements led to significant cost savings, reduced carbon emissions, and reinforced Vista’s commitment to sustainability and operational excellence in the Latin American oil industry.

Business needs

Vista Oil & Gas sought to optimize its sand logistics and transportation processes. To remain competitive and achieve its strategic goals of becoming a leading growth company with a strong focus on sustainability and efficiency. They identified the need for a solution that could provide real-time monitoring of their truck fleet’s sand transportation, enabling data-driven decision-making and improved efficiency. These needs were critical for Vista Oil & Gas to streamline its operations and align with its broader commitment to sustainability.

Business results after AI implementation:

  • Cost Optimization: The implementation of advanced predictive models and real-time monitoring led to substantial cost savings in sand logistics and transportation.

  • Improved Efficiency: Vista Oil & Gas experienced significant improvements in operational efficiency, with streamlined processes and optimized routes.

  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Real-time data ingestion and low-latency systems empowered Vista to make timely and data-driven decisions, resulting in better resource allocation.

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