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We are passionate about enabling AI-focused transformations that empower industries and governments to overcome their most challenging obstacles.

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NowVertical + ICBC

Using AI to Predict Customer Churn in Commercial Banking

See how by leveraging advanced AI techniques like selective filtering, logistic regression, and clustering, ICBC improved its ability to identify customers at risk of churning.

NowVertical + YPF

Enabling Data-Driven Decision Making to Create Platform for AI Integration

Discover how solutions encompassing data strategy, analytics, and training were implemented to consolidate KPIs, enable predictive maintenance, and enhance decision-making.

NowVertical + The Vitamin Shoppe

Using AI to Create Incremental Revenue Through Direct Marketing

Learn how we helped to redevelop the monthly direct mail targeting model using machine learning algorithms to optimize audience selection, identify marketing opportunities to new customers, increase the value of existing customers, and reduce offer levels to customers that did not require new incentives to spend.

NowVertical + Blinds 2go

Revolutionizing Customer Experience with SMART HUB AI Solution

NowVertical’s SMART HUB AI Solution, powered by Azure Open AI, revolutionized Blinds 2go’s customer experience and operational efficiency. With real-time text analytics, Blinds 2go gained deep insights into customer interactions, enhancing satisfaction and reducing costs. SMART HUB’s advanced capabilities pinpointed customer needs, enabling tailored services and streamlined resources.

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Skill Gap and Training Needs

Skill Gap and Training Needs

January 8, 2024By: Danny Reeves By 2025, an estimated 85% of AI projects are projected to deliver erroneous outcomes due to bias in data, algorithms, or the teams responsible for managing them. This startling statistic brings to light a critical yet often overlooked...

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Integration and Compatibility Issues

Integration and Compatibility Issues

December 19, 2023By: Danny Reeves A staggering 70% of AI transformations fail, not due to a lack of advanced technology, but because of integration and compatibility issues with existing systems. This stark reality underscores a crucial, often overlooked aspect of AI...

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Ethical and Privacy Concerns

Ethical and Privacy Concerns

December 12, 2023By: Danny Reeves The integration of AI into enterprise operations brings forth a complex ethical landscape. Ethical concerns primarily revolve around the potential for biased algorithms and decision-making processes that lack transparency. For...

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